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Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy 

Residential Organizing

Your home is your castle. A refuge from the outside world. A place of peace and restoration. For this reason alone our homes need to be both appealing and comfortable.

The first thing we are greeted with when we open the door is:

The Entryway. This is where everyone gets their initial impression of your home. A good storage system for coats, shoes, boots, umbrellas, book bags, and sporting equipment can facilitate keeping everything in its place and create a welcoming environment.



The Kitchen, Nourishment Central, is often the focus of everyone's home, the place where meals are prepared and usually eaten. Strategies for the kitchen include having easy access, from the stove, to ingredients, cookware, and open counter space, enabling the relaxed and efficient preparation of meals. You want a pleasing and orderly environment to both prepare and enjoy a meal and to talk with family and friends, because you know that the kitchen draws everyone like bees to honey.

The Family Room. Generally, if family members are not eating or sleeping, they're in the family room. It's a place for relaxing—mainly watching TV, but also talking, reading, playing board games, listening to music, or doing many of these things at the same time. Within the haven of the home, the family room is where we go to unwind, together or separately. Strategies specific to the family room often concern rerouting belongings back to their owners like clothing or school books and sending dishes that have gotten lost, back to the kitchen. Also organizing and storing media and games in a logical way so that they are easily accessible when wanted yet tucked away when not being used. It's important to have a restful place to nurture yourself.

The Bedroom is a place where you rest and rejuvenate to be able to meet the next day. The secret to bedroom organizing is having a system to store the clothes you usually wear and not have your closet, dresser, and furniture crowded out by the 80% that never grace your body. When you retire to this inner sanctum, you want to luxuriate in comfort and slide into sleep unencumbered by the agravation caused by an endless parade of TV shows, a world of garments that have no home, or the nagging anxiety of having business needs piled on a desk in the corner.

Basement, Garage, and Attic.  The dumping ground for everything we don't know what to do with. The place where things check in and never check out.

The secret to these storage areas is to keep only what you actually use, need (as in the case of tax records), or really love because it is a keepsake. Garages carry the additional function of housing tools, cars, bikes, and sporting goods, but, often as not, they become filled with the stuff we can't seem to part with, yet, in most cases, will never use. Attics will have belongings put there so far in the past, we no longer remember them and basements are similar just more damp.

I can help you with the agonizing task of going through all this stuff, sorting it out, and helping you determine what should stay. Then we find a home for it (usually in furniture, like shelves and cabinets, that you already have in place).

Guest Bedroom or Spare Room.

Need more room for the guest who's coming or that family member preparing to move in?
       You'll be surprised how organization can create the space you need.

Home Office
, the potential paper trap. See
Home Office Organizing

Getting your Money's Worth
If you calculate what you pay for the space currently occupied by rarely used or discarded things, you'll find you are wasting your hard earned money on erratic storage that weighs on your mind, instead of welcome space that you can appreciate and use.

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