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Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

Personal Photo Organizing

If your house caught fire, once everyone was safe,
what would you try to save?

Your Pictures

Our photos, albums, and home movies are a record of our lives with our loved ones, however, the typical household has them piled, with a few overstuffed albums, in boxes that are crammed in a closet or attic. 

Help me, Rhonda!
I can help you organize and archive your printed photos and digital photos, turn some into albums and coffee table books, copy your slides and movies onto CD and DVD, and help you tell your story so that you and generations to come can enjoy and share your memories.

Those boxes and bins of photos may be out of sight on a shelf somewhere, but they're not out of mind. Many people feel overwhelmed and guilty about this project they don't feel able to face, yet care deeply about.

Together we can do this. You'll be surprised how much fun it can be and how rewarding too. By the time we're done (and it won't take that long) you'll have an archive of easily accessible photos out of which you can create all sorts of wonderful projects.

"I'm very pleased with Larry's work and would recommend him highly. In fact, I recommended him to friends who are using his services."
                                                                               — Sharon Cohen

"Larry is upbeat & encouraging—makes it possible to tackle very difficult projects & stick with them. He is very responsive and helpful in balancing time & emotional constraints with technical & professional support—wide knowledge of available options." — Deb Kasdan


           Here's an entertaining book about a hike I made with my lovely daughter:

Madeleine at Far Mill

See Linea  a wonderful and free Photo sharing App that is both redundantly protected and private. Excellent for sharing your photos with those you love.

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