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Mr. Larry Teaches Science

Mr. Larry with Dr. FinemindMr. Larry Teaches Science is a hands-on inquiry based program for preschools. Young children love science, they are on a constant exploration of the world around them. They love to get their hands on things, to experience how they work. Whether it's creating vibrations on a bass, walking in a dinosaur's footprints, or testing objects to see if they're magnetic, they are fully engaged in learning the wonderful, mysterious, and fascinating properties of the world they live in. Besides working with magnifying glasses, measuring implements, eye droppers and other tools of the trade, the children enjoy being the objects they're studying. They flap their wings and migrate to the mountains in Mexico with the Monarch Butterflies. They feel the water coming up through their roots, nourishing sprouting leaves and blossoms like the flowering trees, then feel the sun feeding their leaves and helping them grow fruit.  After that, their leaves, as autumn progresses, change color and fall, in preparation for the cold and dryness of winter. When the seasons change, they play the Earth too, orbiting the sun at a tilt , along with Mr. Larry, because, if the Earth wasn't tilted, there would only be one season.


Larry's curriculum meets National and Connecticut science standards, NAEYC Indicators of Effective Curriculum, Creative Curriculum© Goals and Objectives, Bloom's Taxonomy, and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, not that the kids care, they just have fun.

Since 1995 Larry has taught English, history, and Title 19 reading in middle school; math, including algebra, in adult education; tutored most subjects and worked for Little Scientists, on and off, for 10 years. While at Little Scientists, he was Director of Science Education, teaching hands-on, inquiry-based science to children from pre-k to sixth grade, mentoring teachers, and leading workshops showing elementary and pre-k teachers how to do the same. Currently he teaches part time as an adjunct professor at Gateway Community College in New Haven.

He's also a member of The NSTA, The National Science Teachers Association, and has CT certifications in Elementary K - 6, Secondary English, and Adult Education.

Consult with him at 203.685.2839 or, and download his brochure.

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