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Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy 


    Home Office Organizing


Doing business at home can be much simpler and less anxiety provoking (that's why it's at home, right?) if the office is neat and organized. When you know where everything is, can lay your hands on it in 30 seconds, and have a clear area to work in, we're done. 

The ideal is to conduct everything into an efficient and painless filing system from which you can access important items—immediately, and archival items—when you need them. Stacks bury important papers and then, as they fall over, combine, increasing the dumbfounding chaos. Nothing better encourages getting things done than a clear desk and the ability to find anything you want within seconds. 

If you tracked all the time wasted looking for documents and files that have been misplaced, you'd be dumbfounded. In a year's time it could easily add up to a week's vacation. 

A good filing system solves both problems at once. It provides you with an organized place to find whatever you need and a place to put everything you need to keep. 

We'll start by assessing what kind of materials need filing. If you have a business, there could be customer files, accounts receivable, accounts payable, personnel files, current tax records, and previous years. Personal files could include household expenses, personal documents, article excerpts, recipes, or hobby files. And of course there are always actionable files – things you need to take care of NOW! Soon, or eventually. 

Then we sort everything out, disposing of what is not needed by sending it either straight to the garbage or through a shredder. 

Once sorted, we'll set up files starting with immediately actionable and proceeding, by order of priority, to eventually filing archival information. 

Imagine an open and accessible office with a cleared desktop and no paper on the floor or boxes to walk or trip over. Imagine enjoying working in this office, getting your work done efficiently, and having more free time that is not encumbered with worry.

This increased peace of mind and productivity begins with a call: 203.685.2839 . .  . Ask for Larry.
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