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Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

Peace of Mind Was Never So Easy

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Larry Russick has been cleaning for over 30 years and teaching for almost 20. He has had house, carpet, and window cleaning and glass tinting businesses. This has made him an expert in wresting order from chaos, hence his facility at professional organizing.

He has, taught science, math, reading and English to students from 3 years to 60, has mentored elementary teachers and run workshops for them on teaching hands-on, inquiry-based science.

A published author, Larry has edited newsletters for himself and for the New England Mankind Project, written short stories and a novel. He was also, at one time, a professional clown and has been a rock climber since his early 20s. He received his BA in English, from the University of Notre Dame, his Masters in education from the University of Bridgeport, has Connecticut certifications in elementary education, secondary English, and adult education and is a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers and APPO, Association of Personal Photo Organizers. 

This wide range of experience and education makes Larry a remarkably versatile and knowledgeable individual who is able to meet many needs. At present, in addition to professional organizing, he has a hands-on preschool program called "Mr. Larry Teaches Science" (a standards-based program he created that embodies much of NAEYC' S Indicators, Creative Curriculum© Goals, and NSTA Standards) and teaches part time as an adjunct professor at Gateway Community College in New Haven.

Being able to pull together skills from his experience in teaching, science, mechanical systems, water damage restoration, cleaning, psychodrama, and oddly enough, climbing and clowning, enable him to assess situations, sort belongings, and develop solutions to organizational problems.

To speak to him personally call 203.685.2839 or email him at

                     Talks on Organizing                                       Mr. Larry Teaches Science

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Larry Russick, 305 Lynne Place, Bridgeport, CT 06610      203.685.2839
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